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What is EvolveX?

EvolveX is a non-invasive total body transforming treatment to tighten skin, treat fat, and tone muscles with bipolar RF energy and EMS. Its innovative design has multiple technologies, Tite, Tone, and Transform for customized body reshaping.

What can EvolveX treat?

If you are unhappy about the appearance of one or more body areas, it is likely an Inmode EvolveX treatment can help. Common treatments include:

  • Tightening loose and crepey skin

  • Destroy stubborn fat

  • Improve the appearance of cellulite

  • Improve muscle definition

Treatment areas with EvolveX


EvolveX can be used as a full body contouring solution but some of the most common treatements include:


  • Stomach and Back fat reduction

  • Stomach skin tightening after child birth

  • Tighten and tone arms and legs

  • Lift the Buttock

  • Tone the Hips

  • Sculpt the abdomen

EvolveX Transfrom

Transform combines the beneifts of Radiofrequency and EMS treatment into a single synergistic treatment to tighten skin, treat stubborn fat and improve muscle definition. Radiofrequency energy is used to target, heat, and destroy stubborn fat cells while producing a skin tightening effect.

At the same time electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is used to tone muscles. This combinaton works together to provide more effeicient heating of tissue with better results compared with 2 individual treatments.

EvolveX Tite

Evolve Tite leverages clinically proven radio-frequency technology to stimulate collagen production or treat stubborn fat. Evolve Tite was developed based on the clinical success of the proprietary A.C.E.

(Acquire, Control and Extend) technology. A.C.E. technology targets deep within the skin to ensure that no areas are under, or over-treated, thereby maximizing results and providing consistent outcomes.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients will need a minimum of 4-6 treatments per area for best results. Multiple areas can be combined in a single appointment with treatments spaced 5-10 days apart. 


When can I expect results with EvolveX?

Like most noninvasive treatments Transfrom and Tite look best 2-3 months after your final treatment. Destroyed fat must be cleared through the lymphatic system, loose skin tightens through the production of collagen and muscle tone takes time to develop. 

Is There Any Downtime?

Some patients may have skin redness for a few hours or mild muscle soreness for a couple of days. However, there is no downtime with EvolveX treatment. Patients can return to normal daily activities as soon as treatment is finished. 

Which treatment is best for me?

Every patient is unique with different treatment goals. With a variety of treatment options we can customize a treatment plan to fit your individual needs. Most patients will benefit from a combination of both EvolveX Tite and Transfrom. However, in general, Transform will provide the best results for patients wanting improved muscle tone or for patients who want full body contouring in the fewest appointments possible. EvolveX Tite can be used for patients who primarily want skin tightening or for patients who want to treat stubborn fat in smaller areas of the body.

Before & After Pictures

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