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Located in Vancouver, Washington , The Valentine clinic is your one-stop shop for a conservative approach to aesthetics and results driven treatments. We specialize in nonsurgical anti-aging options and body contouring. 

 Dr Valentine pays close attention to detail and believes in a slow approach to aesthetic medicine. Our mission is to stay honest with our patients and to develop trust over the course of your visits with us.

The aesthetic field is constantly evolving, and it is our goal to always provide the best technology, highest quality, and expert knowledge to every one of our patients. Above all, we’re dedicated to making sure you look and feel your best.

Beauty in Natural Makeup


Restore volume and smoothness with non-surgical injectable treatments.

Natural Beauty

Scarlet RF Microneedling and Agnes Precision RF

Two successful anti-aging therapies, radiofrequency (RF) and microneedling, combined to target virtually any skin issue. 


PDO Thread Lift

Minimally invasive procedure to tighten and lift skin.


Facial Treatments

Address hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne and more.

Emsculpt_Neo_PIC_Female-Model-Applicator-Abdomen-41_ENUS100 (1).jpg

Emsculpt Neo

Reduce fat and increase muscle with non-invasive body contouring.



Non surgical body contouring that can eliminate fat, tighten skin and tone muscle.

Beauty Portrait

Aerolase Neo Elite

Laser providing zero downtime. The Neo Elite targets several cosmetic and medical concerns. Treats all ages and skin types.



A non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for incontinence caused by a weakened pelvic floor.

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