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What is AGNES RF?

AGNES RF is a dynamic, cutting-edge device that incorporates radio-frequency energy and microneedling to provide an exceptionally precise and effective treatment, unlike any other device.

AGNES RF is a nonsurgical radio-frequency and microneedling device that uses micro-insulated needles and RF energy to eliminate unwanted fat, folds, and wrinkles/loose skin in the face and neck. The micro-insulated needles precisely target and penetrate the area while transmitting RF energy to permanently reduce fat and help tighten skin. The micro-insulated needles are engineered at a precise depth to protect other structures of the skin and to help minimize downtime. AGNES RF is the latest cosmetic breakthrough to hit the aesthetic industry.


What areas can AGNES RF treat?

AGNES RF is used to treat double chin, jawline/jowl, eye-bags, nasolabial folds, cheeks/buccals,  and wrinkles or loose skin. We can also use AGNES RF to do non-surgical rhinoplasties (nose jobs) with amazing results! These results last much longer than any Botox or Filler product and is the best alternative treatment to get a ‘lift’ without going under the knife.


How many sessions are needed?

This device gives you exceptional results usually with just one treatment.  Your provider may recommend an additional treatment based on the skin structure in the area you are treating. Each treatment is about an hour and has little, to no downtime. You may experience slight swelling or redness in the treated area which usually subsides quickly! Results can be seen starting a few days post treatment and last several years.

Before and After Pictures

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